About Us

Our Philosophy:

“we’re not going to use the word ‘Fusion’ here at all.  That’s been done and doesn’t mean anything in todays market.  However, what we will say, is Panjab is in our blood.  It’s the language we speak to our parents with, the music we’ve grown up listening to, the place we go to for half of our holidays, and most of all, it’s the food that’s warmed our hearts

We have been born and brought up here in Britain, but we love Panjab and what it has given us.  We want to show you how panjab still lives in us, in the UK

We have taken the food we have learned to cook from our parents to another level, but kept all thse unbeatable gems still there, and we’ve put it all into a setting that’s designed to give you that warm feeling we get from being back “home”.  So relax with us, try something new, and sit back and enjoy our Panjabi soul sing through our dishes…”

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