Our Panjab

Panjab, our cultural motherland, is the home of 5 Rivers and is the northern state of India. Our families immigrated from Panjab to the UK during the 1970’s, but they have always maintained our heritage in a number of ways. The music we listen to, the clothes we wear at weddings, and even the way they tell us off and curse! But by far, the biggest link we have always had to Panjab has always been the food we ate.

We grew up on delicious homemade curries, and chapattis were a staple. Delicious Indian desserts would be prepared and would be snapped up so fast, they would never even make it to the plate. Every Sunday we awoke to the delicious aroma of aloo wale Paratha, wafting from the kitchen. We used to be nursed by my grandmothers bland yellow dhaal and kicheree when we were ill, And I even hold close to my heart those dreaded days when there was nothing to eat apart from a disgusting sabji, so you had to eat it with buttered toast to make it bearable! The best days were the days when our families cooked “English dinners. Anything our mother & grandmother made, be it a roast chicken dinner or home-made fish and chips, was heavily laden with garam masala and green chilies. All in aid of giving everything some “flavour”

And this is what we’ve bought to our restaurant. The food that we all, as 2nd generation Indians have grown up with. The unspoken traditional dishes such as “Aunda Bread” and chicken tikka burgers, that are commonplace in all UK panjabi homes are all actually on our menu.

Put very simply, our food & philosophy owes its everything to Panjab. That distant land that we still call home (despite seldom visiting) has taught us to cook the food we love, the way we love. Everything we cook the way us Panjbai’s live life in the UK….everything with a bit of extra “loon masala”

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